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In March 2021 we wrote a little post about how it was time for "our baby" to grow up and how we would be facilitating that need with a massive kitchen renovation. Also in March 2021: pandemic restrictions were forcing businesses to close (again), building materials were scarce and the cost of supplies that were available had inflated a billion percent. Great timing, right?! The reality is that growing pains can suck. They take you from the familiar & comfortable and transition to a new stage full of unexpected surprises. The bright side is that the unexpected is just that and has the potential to delight you in ways you never imagined. Maybe you end up discovering this new comfort quickly becomes familiar ...or maybe you yearn for the way things used to be.

About Us
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From day one, we have wanted this little restaurant to be a space where anyone can feel comfortable and welcomed. Classic French bistro cuisine is the root of this ethos - consistent, comfortable and familiar flavours from the tried and true feel good classics. We have missed cooking this food almost as much as you have missed eating it and so we have decided to bring back the classics every Wednesday and Thursday evening with a three course table d'hôte menu ($79/person). You have the opportunity to select each of the three courses to tailor the dining experience to your own unique liking. The items on this menu will not change often but accompaniments will still reflect the current season. If you have a familiar craving for mushroom soup, steak frites, and crème brûlée; you can have it any Wednesday or Thursday night from now until you can't stand it anymore. Perhaps that may signal a desire to leave your comfort zone and try something new...

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Every Friday and Saturday we will exclusively offer our four and seven course blind tasting menus ($94 & $139/person respectively). These menus allow us the opportunity to express, explore and experiment with the seasonal bounty that Lanark County and the Ottawa Valley have to offer. We ask that you to put your trust in our experience as we lead you through the unknown with a balance of familiarity and unexpected surprise.

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What's more is that you will now be able to enjoy either culinary experience in one of two dining areas. Through these renovations, our interior dining room has retained its cozy, comfortable & familiar vibe. Still tucked away behind the unaltered classic brick facade and half moon windows of our 1920's building. So recognizable that you may even ask "what the hell have you been doing over the past six months; what's changed?!" Bringing us to our new and exciting outdoor dining space. A covered interlock patio, complete with a lovely garden, heaters, warm lighting and featuring a gorgeous, edgy and colourful mural by the insanely talented artist: Francis Pratt. You can even sneak a glimpse into our beautiful new kitchen from here.


Our baby has certainly been growing up and we are so fortunate to have you all along for the ride (and for your crazy support)! Whatever your outlook on changes may be, we can't wait to welcome you back to experience them all with us at our kitchen.

See you soon,

Ian & the black tartan team

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