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The past year has been a challenge: restrictions have come and gone and come back again and stipulations seem to change faster than a new born baby's diaper (with a similar aroma). Like sleep training that new baby, the moment you feel like you have adapted to a new routine, that baby says "no way, Jose" and decides it's time to party all night, at the most inconvenient times. Sure, you lose some sleep for a few nights but quickly you come to realize that change in routine is the new normal. You ask your friends, family or colleagues "It gets better, right?!" - and they laugh in a maniacal yet slightly sympathetic way. Nobody can say for certain when things will get better but the reality is you love this baby and will adapt to it's every whim.  

As restrictions tighten around indoor dining (again and again), and our willingness to "play anymore" has dwindled, we have decided to close... for RENOVATIONS!  

It is time for this baby to grow and we have decided the best way to facilitate that need is to focus some well deserved time & money to further develop the heart and soul of the whole operation: the kitchen.  

No matter what challenges we have faced along the way, we are so emotionally invested in this baby and are so damn proud & excited (and slightly exhausted) to watch it grow & develop over the coming years. Growing pains are temporary and at the end of the day; it's all worth it ...or so they tell me. 

black tartan kitchen Carleton Place Restaurant

This is a terrific little kitchen.


Anne DesBrisay

Dec 13, 2017

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Ian Carswell

Chef - Owner


Ian Carswell

Chef - Owner

Ian's path to becoming Chef/Owner of black tartan kitchen started in a family diner in North Bay and took him as far as Helsinki, Finland where he worked at the 2 Michelin Starred "Chez Dominique" ranked 21st in the World's 50 Best Restaurants in 2009.

Ian studied Culinary at George Brown College and worked in Toronto at Fare Bistro.  He  traveled to Europe and worked at Brasserie Paardenburg in Amsterdam with a stage at Ron Blaauw.  In France Ian worked at Domaine de la Grezille, a vineyard in the Loire Valley.  Ian's European experience culminated at Chez Dominique where he worked for 10 months, developing his skill with modern cooking techniques and appreciation for Finnish minimalism and simplicity.  


On his return to Canada Ian worked at Absinthe Café and part-time as a Culinary Instructor with Algonquin College while working from Sous Chef to Executive Chef of KW Catering at the National Gallery of Canada.  Ian assumes Chef/Owner responsibility with undying love and support of family: wife Tessa, daughter Faye, son Alistair, and dog Noma.


Christian Lessard

Sous Chef

Charlene Santry


Katie Foran



Antonio Mirizzi

Passe Partout


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April Wood


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